“AANDOLAN Ek Pustak Se” is a nationwide movement to locate, identify and provide a dignified, if not luxurious, life to the descendants and bloodlines of the forgotten heroes and martyrs of India’s freedom movement between 1857 and 1947.

Former President of India (late) K R Narayanan

Former President of India (late) K R Narayanan

While celebrating the 50th Independence Day in 1997, the then President of India, K R Narayanan (now dead) had said: “….Nobody, especially the present generation can imagine the hardships, the torture and the ultimate sacrifices our freedom fighters have paid. If we can transmit to the new generation of Indians, at least a little bit of their patriotism, their flaming nationalism, their courage, their capacity for sacrifice, then we would have dome something significant today.

It is important to realize that these revolutionary freedom fighters and martyrs have not been given the honour and respect due to them, in keeping with their sacrifice during the freedom movement. It is the government and the societies’ moral responsibility to see that their issues and outstanding tasks are taken up. They and their families need to be designated as National families. All civilized societies are judged by how they honour those that gave their lives so that the rest of us could be free.

Let us then take up these tasks and show that we are truely grateful for all that they did.”